Calliope 2 LTE Platform
Optimized for Cat 1 devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Second Generation LTE Cat 1 Platform for the Internet of Things

Calliope 2 is a 5G-compliant single-chip LTE Cat 1 solution compliant with the 3GPP Release 15 massive IoT standard, built on five years of Sequans’ exclusive and field proven experience with first generation Calliope, which is and has been the industry’s leading LTE Cat 1 chip for IoT chip since its introduction in 2015. Calliope 2 is designed for the cost-effective support of IoT applications that require VoLTE and a data rate higher than a few 100 Kbps including wearables/hearables and smart city/smart home IoT devices. Calliope 2 brings several significant advancements, including higher integration, significantly improved power consumption in both active and low power modes, a comprehensive VoLTE voice engine and EAL5+ security for iSIM.

Calliope 2 user application software and interfaces are compatible with Sequans’ Monarch 2 LTE-M/NB-IoT platform, allowing easy migration among Cat 1, LTE-M, and NB-IoT massive IoT technologies.


Calliope 2 is ideal for adding LTE Cat 1 connectivity to high data rate IoT devices, including wearables and hearables with music streaming and voice support, and smart city/smart home IoT devices such as security cameras, alarm panels, meters needing high throughput, and data aggregators where speed of up to several Mbps may be required.



  • 3GPP Release 14 and Release 15 LTE Advanced Pro with support for LTE UE Cat 1
  • Embedded VoLTE
  • Supports RF frequencies 617-2200 MHz in a Single-SKU™ for global compatibility and regional cost/power optimized SKUs
  • Baseband, RF, power management and memory integrated in one chip platform
  • Dedicated MCU to support embedded customers’ applications software
  • Significant improvement in power consumption, outstandingly extending the battery life of Cat 1 IoT devices
  • eco-Paging™ for extremely low eDRX power consumption
  • Integrated secure enclave with industry’s highest level of security, EAL5+, enabling flexible SIM management for ieUICC, eUICC or legacy UICC
  • Single rail power supply input with range 3.1-5.5 V
  • 197 pins chip scale package, 0.5 mm pitch, allowing low-cost PCB technology