How to Set Up a Secure Connection to a AWS MQTT Server

How to Set Up a Secure Connection to a Google IoT Core MQTT Server

From Proprietary Mesh to Cellular Solutions: How the AMI Market is Changing – Podcast

Gordon Barber of TE Connectivity and Nick Taluja of Sequans Communications discuss why the AMI market is moving from proprietary mesh to more cellular oriented solutions.

Monarch 2 GM02S Nektar EVK Unboxing and Basic Functionality Test

See what comes inside the box with the Monarch 2 GM02S Nektar EVK and how to get it up and running!

Cassiopeia CB410L Unboxing and Basic Functionality Test

See what comes inside the box with the Cassiopeia CB410L and how to get it up and running!

Data Over UART With PPP: Windows 10 Setup & Usage

Step-by-step instructions for using a UART interface with PPP on Windows 10 to transfer data between CPUs.

The Second Generation of Sequans Renowned Cellular IoT Platform

Introducing the Monarch 2, the next generation of 5G featuring an integrated SIM and ultra-low power consumption.

The Second Generation Sequans Calliope Cat-1 IoT Platform

Calliope2 is the next generation of LTE Cat 1 solutions for IoT, with a new lower cost and power consumption as low as LTE-M devices.

Dev Kit Weekly: Monarch LTE-M Development Kit from Avnet

Dev Kit Weekly breaks down the Monarch LTE-M and how to connect it with the Avnet dev kit.

Low-Cost Modules for LTE Cat 4 and 6 CBRS OnGo Networks

Telit announced the availability of two new modules designed and built to support CBRS networks in the USA.

SKY66430-11EK1 Evaluation Kit Demo

The SKY66430-11, is a Multi-band Multi-chip System-in-Package in partnership with Sequans Communications. This Video Demonstrates the use of the SKY66430-11EK1 Evaluation Kit.

Sequans 5G/4G Product Portfolio

An animated view of Sequans product portfolio.

Monarch Go + Go!Foton IoT Outdoor Fiber Terminal Demo

Here you’ll see Go!Foton demonstrate its IoT Outdoor Fiber Terminal and show how Monarch Go connected it to Verizon’s LTE-M network.

Interview With Georges Karam, Sequans CEO

Hear our CEO talk about Sequans’ position in the industry as a leading provider of 5G and 4G chips and modules and how Sequans has evolved to address recent industry developments.

Smart City 5G/4G IoT Use Case

Sequans connects street lights and parking meters and makes them easy to use and cost-effective for city managers.

Smart Home 5G/4G IoT Use Case

Sequans connects smart home IoT devices making our homes smarter and more secure.

Supply Chain & Asset Management 5G/4G IoT Use Case

Sequans Connects Industrial IoT devices to track valuable assets through the supply chain securely and efficiently.

Consumer IoT 5G/4G Use Case

Sequans connects IoT devices for consumers improving lives everywhere.

OneCare Interview at the World Mobile Congress 2019 in Los Angeles

Onecare Founder Tom Glaser talks about the Carewatch healthcare wearable powered by Sequans’ Monarch.

OnGo Modules Accelerate and Widen CBRS Support in IoT Devices

A conversation with Mickael Batariere, CBRS and Broadband Product Line Manager, Sequans Communications.

MWC 2019 – Sequans CEO Georges Karam Discusses the New Monarch 2

James Blackman, Editor at RCR Wireless News, talks to Georges Karam about the advancements of Monarch 2, the second generation of Sequans industry-leading Monarch LTE-M/NB-IoT chip platform.

Sequans Monarch 2 LTE-M Chip for IoT

Monarch 2 is a single-chip LTE-M and NB-IoT solution designed specifically for narrowband IoT applications.

Sequans and Polte Demo – LTE Positioning at CES 2019

Tyler from Polte introduces the device Sequans and Polte will be demoing at CES 2019 and gives a preview of LTE positioning.

Voice over LTE Live Demo on the Verizon Network

Sequans demonstrates Voice over LTE (VoLTE) live on the Verizon Network. The demo features Sequans Monarch LTE-M chip technology.

MCWA 2018 – Mobile World Live Interview with Sequans Communications

Georges Karam, President, and CEO of Sequans Communications, spoke with Mobile World Live at MWC Americas 2018 in Los Angeles, CA. We discussed our global solution Monarch that supports the two modes for low-power cellular IoT, LTE-M, and NB-IoT.

MWCA 2017 – Georges Karam, CEO of Sequans Discusses CLOE Product

Martha DeGrasse, Editor at RCR Wireless News interviews Georges Karam, CEO at Sequans on new CLOE product and how it compares to LTE/GPS tracker platforms in the market.

MWC 2018 – Sequans Executive Georges Karam Interview

Interview of Sequans CEO Georges Karam where he discusses the partnership with Skyworks on Monarch SiP

Monarch Family of Chip Solutions Enabling LTE for IoT Applications

Monarch the world’s most highly optimized LTE-M/NB-IoT chip. Monarch SX is a powerful system-on-chip. Monarch SiP, a LTE-M and NB-IoT all-in-one single chip solution. Monarch N, a Cat NB1/NB2 platform.

Sequans StreamliteLTE for IoT

Sequans StreamLiteLTE chip solutions enabling LTE for IoT applications

Georges Karam at MWC 2016

Sequans CEO Georges Karam discusses his nomination for one of the year's top industrialists and innovators in IoT/5G with RCR

Craig Miller talks with Light Reading about the launch of LTE for IoT, Cat M Chip, Monarch at MWC16

Craig Miller's interview with Light Reading at MWC16 about Sequans' launch of LTE for IoT, Cat M Chip, Monarch and partnerships with Gemalto and Verizon.

Craig Miller – VP, Worldwide Marketing talks about LTE Cat 1 announcement at MWC 2015

Interview with Craig Miller at MWC 2015 regarding LTE Cat 1 Announcement

Calliope LTE Platform Chipset Solution for the Internet of Things

Sequans Introduces Calliope Chipset Solution for Category 1 LTE Devices for the Internet of Things

Cassiopeia LTE-Advanced LTE Platform

Cassiopeia is Sequans’ Category 6 LTE-Advanced chipset platform. It is one of the industry’s first LTE-A chips to support 40 megahertz carrier aggregation.