Sequans’ LTE chip technology powers Verizon’s LTE Multicast demo for Super Bowl Week

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  • January 29, 2014

Beginning today and continuing through Super Bowl Sunday, there is a very important LTE technology event occurring in New York.  It is the LTE Multicast demonstration of Verizon Wireless, taking place in Bryant Park in The Verizon Power House.  LTE Multicast is an evolution of 4G LTE, based on eMBMS (enhanced multimedia broadcast multicast service) that will revolutionize the way consumers engage with video on their mobile devices.

Sequans is one of only two LTE chipmakers providing technology for this groundbreaking demonstration.  Sequans’ eMBMS-capable Mont Blanc LTE platform is operating inside LTE tablets that will be given to Verizon Power House visitors and used to live stream NFL content from Wednesday prior to Super Bowl Sunday up through and including the big day itself.  Viewers will experience first hand the uniquely powerful capabilities of LTE Multicast where the capacity constraints and lag time of the past are eliminated.

In addition to Sequans, another of Verizon’s key ecosystem partners is Alcatel-Lucent, supplier of the underlying eMBMS network equipment.  Sequans has been working with Alcatel-Lucent on LTE Broadcast interoperability testing for many months and the two have made significant progress towards ensuring the technology is commercially viable, as Verizon’s LTE Multicast demonstration this week clearly demonstrates.

Sequans is very pleased to support Verizon Wireless for this week’s remarkable LTE Multicast achievement.  This new technology is certainly one of the next big things coming that has the potential to transform our mobile world in new and exciting ways.  In addition to the broadcast of live sports events, we will see the technology used for many other mass communication applications, such as remote learning, file and software downloading, government communications, and telematics.

With this week’s live demo of LTE Multicast featuring exciting NFL content and Verizon’s industry-leading 4G LTE network, a new era in LTE has been kicked off.

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