Sequans provides a wide range of single-mode LTE modules for IoT projects of every type. All of these modules have Sequans industry-leading chips at their core — Monarch LTE Cat M1/NB/NB2, Calliope LTE Cat 1, Colibri LTE Cat 4, or Cassiopeia LTE Cat 6 – and include a radio front end, and all other elements needed for a complete modem system. Backed by Sequans’ extensive know-how developed over fifteen years of experience in 4G, Sequans’ module portfolio offers contains real and complete solutions for the most in-demand IoT applications of today.

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The modules are listed in order according to LTE category. In this new section, you’ll find the Monarch GM01Q, an LTE Cat M1 module with global roaming and deployment capability, the Monarch NB01Q, optimized for NB-IoT-only operation, and our new CBRS modules, CB410L and CB610L, one supporting LTE Cat 4, and another supporting LTE Cat 6. We also have a complete portfolio of LTE Cat 1 Calliope modules, covering all US carriers and all bands, demonstrating Sequans’ leadership in LTE Cat 1 solutions.

Using Sequans LTE modules to develop your IoT device, you can be assured that you are using the best LTE for IoT technology available today and that your project — whether it is a wearable, an asset tracker, or a utility meter — will come to life as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

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