Monarch GMS01Q Module (Orange eSIM)
An optimized and complete LTE-M connectivity solution for the Orange network.

An optimized and complete single-mode LTE category M1 IoT connectivity solution for the Orange network

The Monarch GMS01Q module is a complete, all-in-one, single-mode LTE category M1 module designed for Orange. It is roaming-capable and features a pre-integrated Orange SIM card along with a flexible data plan. The Monarch GMS01Q module comprises Sequans’ Monarch LTE Platform and all other elements necessary for a complete LTE modem system. These include an LTE-optimized transceiver, a complete Single SKU™ RF frontend to support LTE bands worldwide, an embedded Orange SIM and key interfaces, all in a single compact LGA package. The Monarch GMS01Q module also includes Sequans’ carrier-proven LTE protocol stack and a comprehensive software package for over-the-air device management and packet routing. The Monarch GMS01Q module is compatible with any host running Linux, Windows, and a wide range of embedded and real-time operating systems.


The Monarch GMS01Q module is ideal for easily adding complete LTE connectivity to M2M and IoT devices. It is an ultra-compact, high performance solution, delivering a perfect blend of LTE features and ultra-low power consumption ideal for the design of cellular devices including sensors, meters, buttons, and trackers of all kinds.



  • Validated by Orange
  • Orange SIM card inside
  • Flexible and competitive Orange data plan
  • Certified by regulatory agencies: GCF, RED
  • 3GPP LTE Release 13 Cat M1
  • LTE UE category M1; up to 300 kbps DL/375 kbps UL in HD-FD
  • Operates with a single LTE antenna on LTE low and mid bands
  • Upgradable to 3GPP Release 14 LTE Advanced Pro
  • Small 20 x 21 x 1.5 mm LGA module
  • Based on Sequans Monarch LTE Platform
  • Embedded TCP/IP stack
  • Supports data over PPP and over AT commands
  • Compatible with Linux, Windows, and other embedded and real-time OSes
  • High-speed UART primary data and AT command interface
  • Fully tested and calibrated
  • Pin-to-pin compatible with all other Sequans Q series modules

Link to the evaluation kit for this module : Monarch GMS01Q-STMOD EVK