Colibri LTE Platform
Add LTE connectivity to many types of devices, including tablets and gateways.

Chipset Solution for Category 4 LTE Devices

The Colibri LTE Platform comprises baseband and RF chips, an integrated applications processor running Sequans’ carrier-proven LTE protocol stack, an IMS client, and a comprehensive software package for over-the-air device management and packet routing. Colibri supports VoLTE, Wi-Fi SoftAP and includes Sequans’ powerful interference rejection technology, Sequans AIR™.


Colibri is ideal for adding LTE connectivity to many types of devices, including tablets, CPE, mobile routers, PCs, residential gateways, IoT gateways or aggregators, and datacards, including M.2 cards, PCIe Minicards or Half Minicards.



  • Certified by Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless
  • Throughput: up to Category 4 – 150 Mbps DL/50 Mbps UL
  • 3GPP Release 10; software upgradable to Release 11
  • FDD and TDD, up to 20 MHz LTE channels
  • Enhanced network and application CPU
  • Wafer-level packaging
  • Supports VoLTE, location based services, and Wi-Fi SoftAP
  • Host environments:Android, ChromeOS, Linux, Windows, MAC OS
  • Versatile interfaces to host system
  • Includes Sequans AIR™ interference cancelation technology
  • Certified by AT&T and Verizon


  • Sequans’ Colibri LTE Chipset Platform Earns Validation by AT&T Wireless
  • Sequans’ Colibri LTE Chipset Platform and Two Colibri-based LTE modules Certified by Verizon Wireless