Non 3GPP Frequencies

The 3GPP standard identifies a wide range of frequency bands for LTE for both TDD and FDD modes that are used around the world by mobile operators.

Sequans has unique experience in developing LTE to support the very high number of LTE bands that have been allocated and was the first chipmaker to introduce Single-SKU™ technology that enables a single hardware configuration to support the 17+ LTE bands that are in use today. Demand exists to support other non-standard frequencies for applications including, but not limited to, private LTE and military projects. Supporting these non-standard frequencies requires modifications to the baseband and also to the RFIC and radio front-end. Sequans is a leader in this area of expertise and has developed its technology to support several non-3GPP frequencies, demonstrating and validating its hardware designs along the way. In a key example, Sequans modified its technology for a special CPE that was designed to operate on a very low frequency band that has been designated for public safety services in a major country.


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