LTE for Satellite

3GPP is expanding LTE definitions at each major feature release.

One of the next features under consideration is the use of LTE to link terrestrial networks with satellite networks. In 2G and 3G networks, satellite implementations were seen as proprietary and were led by the satellite operators, each developing a slightly different version to compete with the rest. While the industry waits for the next release, 5G, to be published, Sequans focused its attention on developing 4G LTE to support satellite adaptations for the full range of categories from broadband to NB-IoT.

Driven by customer and operator specifications, Sequans has modified its technology to support satellite applications, and in one key project has improved the RTT (round trip time) to address both coarse and fine latencies that are introduced in satellite networks. This is made possible because Sequans owns the full LTE stack and applications running on Sequans hardware, both chip and hardware boards.

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