Solid Technologies Using Sequans’ Chips To Build Mobile WiMAX Base Stations
April 1, 2009

LAS VEGAS, CTIA Wireless 2009 Booth # 5750– April 1, 2009 – Sequans Communications announced today that SOLiD Technologies, a leading wireless technology and solutions provider in Korea, is using Sequans’ WiMAX Forum Certified™ chips to build two Mobile WiMAX base station products for the Korean market.  SOLiDFemto is a femtocell solution for home users and SOLiDPico is a pico cell solution for corporate and in-building users.

The chip SOLiD Technologies is using is Sequans’ SQN2130 ASIC for base stations that is WiMAX Forum Certified™ and is flexible and scalable, allowing the manufacture of cost effective Mobile WiMAX base stations of any size—femto, pico, micro, macro. The SQN2130 integrates PHY and MAC and delivers industry-leading high throughput, flexible TDD or FDD, standard interfaces to ASN gateways, and can serve thousands of simultaneous users.

“Sequans” SQN2130 has provided an excellent foundation for our SOLiDFemto and SOLiDPico solutions, which are very high performing solutions for the residential and enterprise markets,” said Kwonhoon Han/Senior Director, SOLiD Technologies.  “Sequans is the leader in WiMAX chips and the SQN2130 allows for the manufacture of high performing pico and femto base station solutions even when there are constraints on power consumption and footprint.”

SOLiDPico, for corporate and enterprise in-building applications, and SOLiDFemto, for home and office applications, allow service providers to extend service coverage and capacity by connecting standard mobile devices to an operator’s network through an ASN gateway or broadband access network.  Both products are fully compliant with the WiMAX Forum® Mobile WiMAX® (MIMO), NWG profile C/B and both support SPWG requirements such as self-organizing network (SON), conditional access (open/closed), and remote management.

Sequans provides two complete reference designs for compact base stations:  1) SQN2130-CBS for pico base stations and 2) SQN2131-CBS for femto base stations.

About SOLiD Technologies
SOLiD Technologies [KOSDAQ: A050890] is the leading provider of solutions for all types of wireless networks, including GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, digital multimedia broadcasting (DMB), and Mobile WiMAX.  SOLiD Technologies is also the major repeater provider for the Korean wireless and broadcasting markets.

About Sequans
Sequans Communications is the leading WiMAX chipmaker. Sequans has products that are WiMAX Forum Certified™ for both fixed and Mobile WiMAX, for both base stations and subscriber stations. Sequans is currently powering more than half of the WiMAX Forum Certified™ Mobile WiMAX (MIMO) devices now coming to market. Sequans offers equipment manufacturers the most complete and powerful semiconductor solutions available today, enabling them to build the widest range of high performing WiMAX network components: femto, pico, micro and multi-sector macro base stations, outdoor and indoor subscriber terminals, home gateways, and all types of mobile devices. Sequans is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Press contact Sequans: Kimberly Tassin, 206.654.1001,

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