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Sequans-Powered Smart Home Devices

Xfinity Tablet

Powered by Monarch

Sercomm IoT Button

Powered by Monarch

Samea Sensoriis Smart Building Wireless Sensor

Powered by Monarch GM01Q

Arris Fixed Wireless Home Router

Powered by Cassiopeia

Samea Sensoriis Smart Building Wireless Sensor

Multi-sensor Smart Building IoT Device

The Samea Sensoriis is a multi-sensor smart building IoT device that is designed to monitor and report on building conditions such as intrusion detection, light, noise, and air quality. It provides reporting and management through a secure link.

We selected Sequans Monarch GM01Q module for 17 band coverage and its PSM ultra low power consumption. Monarch GM01Q enables us to address the green business covering the smart city and the smart building sectors.”

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