Monarch Go Wins IoT Innovations 2020 Award from Connected World

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  • June 2, 2020

Each year, the industry’s most transformative IoT products and technologies are recognized by Connected World Magazine, and this year they have recognized Sequans’ Monarch Go.

Monarch Go is an entirely unique IoT connectivity solution that enables companies to connect their IoT devices to Verizon’s network in a matter of minutes — no need to design and tune an antenna, no need to go through Verizon testing and certification, no need to do anything but plug it in and go.  Monarch Go can do this because it comes complete with everything needed, including an LTE-optimized antenna, a Verizon SIM card and data plan, and most importantly, is already certified by Verizon as an end device.

Monarch Go was designed and built to enable any IoT company, even those with no experience in cellular, to launch new products on Verizon almost instantly, something no other chip or module company has done before.  The value of Monarch Go becomes apparent when one considers the huge number of devices that can now be connected easily to the IoT that are not traditionally connected—refrigerators and laundry machines, parking meters and city lights, alarm panels and cameras—the list is endless.

Consider Go!Foton, one of the first Monarch Go customers, who used Monarch Go to instantly connect its intelligent outdoor fiber terminal to Verizon’s LTE-M network.  Monarch Go’s simplified connectivity enabled GoFoton to focus on their area of expertise by eliminating the months of effort usually required to test and certify a new product before it can become approved to operate on Verizon’s network.

“In one week, we were able to wirelessly enable our IoT products faster than we ever thought possible,” said David Z. Chen, Go!Foton CTO.

Sequans is proud to contribute to the amazing innovation going on in the IoT world and Monarch Go will surely simplify, streamline, and speed up connectivity for many new IoT devices — a very exciting prospect.

See the story in Connected World Magazine, and visit our Monarch Go product page. Monarch Go, Monarch Go-GPS, and starter kits are available exclusively from Avnet.


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