Meet Us in Barcelona at MWC 2022
February 14, 2022

Barcelona Here We Come!

We are in hall 5, stand 5H40, where we will have on display our top-of-the-line cellular IoT chips and modules, and our newest customer devices, including new smart meters, connected earbuds, asset and pet trackers, and a new low power CBRS IoT tracker—all powered by our unbeatable cellular IoT connectivity solutions. We will be discussing all things IoT, including the latest on iSIM technology that is now available in our Common Criteria EAL5+ certified Monarch 2 LTE-M/NB-IoT platform, our newest Cat 1 modules for wearables and hearables, and our upcoming 5G solutions for industrial IoT, private 5G networks, and disruptive affordable 5G broadband.

MWC Demos

We are making IoT application development easier and you will be able to see two demos developed with our partners:

1. Demo of a device management cloud platform for Sequans-based modules designed to speed-up your time-to-market.

2. Demo of a new MicroEJ SDK on our Monarch 2 GM02S module that simplifies IoT application development.

Please email us at to schedule a meeting, or connect with us online through the MWC Online Exhibit Center. We deliver the world’s most advanced cellular IoT connectivity solutions and are proud to connect IoT objects all over the world. Let’s talk about how to connect yours!

Leader in 5G/4G Connectivity Solutions for Cellular IoT

Chips and Modules for Massive and Broadband IoT

Sequans Monarch 2: A Proven Solution for Modern Smart Meters

Last month we announced that Ubiik, premier advanced metering infrastructure provider to Taiwan Power Company, is using Sequans’ Monarch technology to connect its next generation of smart meters. Ubiik selected Sequans’ Monarch technology, according to Tien-Haw Peng, Ubiik CEO, because of “its advanced security and integrated SIM that helps us advance our leadership in the industry.” This is a glowing endorsement from an industry leader, and other metering companies are following suit, selecting Sequans’ Monarch for smart meter deployments in Japan and USA that we will be announcing in the coming weeks. Our world-leading smart meter connectivity solutions, including our Ag-free Monarch SiP that protects against corrosion in gas and water meters, allows customers to deploy worldwide and scale intelligently—and they are 5G-ready.

See our article Utilities Companies Adopt Cost-Effective 5G and 4G IoT Connectivity for Smart Meters.

Sequans New Generation Platforms, Monarch 2 and Calliope 2, are the Most Advanced Cellular IoT Connectivity Solutions in the World

Our Monarch 2 chip and GM02S module break the mold when it comes to power consumption, efficiency, security, and cost. Monarch leads the industry in low power consumption, enabling the ultra-long battery life that is essential for IoT devices, and it also operates on ultra-low voltage, down to 2.2 volts, allowing for the use of standard, low-cost batteries. Monarch 2 GM02S is certified by the world’s leading operators, including Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Verizon AT&T, NTT Docomo, and KDDI, and it has obtained key industry and regulatory certifications, including PTCRB, GCF, JATE, TELEC, RED, FCC, and IC.

Sequans Monarch Leads the Way to the iSIM Era

Monarch 2 is the world’s first Common Criteria EAL5+ certified cellular IoT platform, which means it is leading the way to the iSIM era, something that will have a profound impact on enabling massive IoT. Not only does it save you significant cost at both the chip and system level, it also provides you the ability to build a worldwide single SKU device that can be provisioned after deployment – no more need to insert SIMs or configure your product at SMT. Monarch 2’s iSIM capability has been proven with leading operators and Monarch 2 is being eagerly adopted for IoT applications of all kinds, including smart utility meters, smart home apps, healthcare solutions, and numerous types of tracking, sensing, and monitoring applications. Monarch 2 is hands down the most advanced cellular IoT connectivity solution available today!

Calliope 2 For Low Cost and Low Power Cat 1 IoT Devices – New Modules Now Available

We at Sequans have always understood the importance of Cat 1 for IoT as a solution that works on any LTE network worldwide and can support those IoT applications requiring high-quality voice or speed higher than LTE-M. We just took the wraps off our second generation Calliope 2 chip which is now optimized to cost-effectively support many types of Cat 1 applications such as home and business security apps, consumer wearables such as health monitoring devices, and hearables such as connected earbuds. Calliope 2 removes the cost and power consumption barriers that have thus far limited Cat 1 adoption and we can now offer you the perfect, cost-effective, low-power Cat 1 solution that can be deployed anywhere in the world. The new Calliope 2 GC02S1 modules come in three variants for USA, Japan, and Europe. Contact us for testing.

Download our white paper: The Importance of LTE Cat 1 and its Position in Cellular IoT 4G/5G Landscape

With Monarch 2 and Calliope 2 Sequans has every IoT base covered and has a solution for any type of IoT application you can think of. We are 100% focused on making our IoT customers successful and we can make you successful too.

New Opportunities in CBRS, Private LTE, and 5G Broadband

If you need a broadband IoT solution for CBRS networks, check out our CBRS modules, Cassiopeia CB410L (Cat 4) and Cassiopeia CB610L (Cat 6), currently being adopted by education institutions for remote learning applications, and by others for industrial M2M applications and broadband consumer applications. In recent news, SODAQ built a low-cost, low power CBRS tracker that can operate for a full year on standard AA batteries, made possible by the ultra-low power consumption of Sequans technology. Our CBRS modules are designed to support easy deployment of massive IoT on private LTE CBRS networks. Our broadband IoT solutions include our upcoming Taurus 5G that we will introduce later this year, and we invite you to discuss your 5G use case with us. Opportunities abound.

Industry Leaders Choose Sequans

Sequans is allied with some of the industry’s most important MCU companies, including Renesas, Microchip, and NXP, who have all chosen to use Sequans technology to enhance their product offerings.

These integrated MCU+Sequans solutions offer customers fast time-to-market and scalability, not to mention support from some of the biggest names in IoT.

Renesas and Sequans recently announced an expansion of their existing agreements, designed to strengthen their partnership, and expand market opportunities. Renesas launched its first LTE Cat M1 module (RYZ014A) for massive IoT based on Sequans Monarch (see the press release), and they are offering it to their customers as a cost-effective and powerful solution for IoT applications in metering, smart home, infrastructure, and industrial markets. That is an amazing endorsement from one of the world’s premier suppliers of advanced semiconductor solutions. Renesas is also licensing our 5G technology, Taurus, and second-generation Cat 1 technology, Calliope 2. Microchip and NXP have also adopted Sequans Monarch technology as a key part of their embedded IoT strategies.

The collaboration between Sequans and its MCU partners is benefitting the entire IoT ecosystem, enabling faster time to market and offering a wide range of connectivity solutions, including those supporting sub 1 GHz. Sequans MCU partnerships deliver tangible value to IoT customers everywhere.

See you in Barcelona!

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