LTE for IoT Terms Explained in Sequans’ New Tech Dictionary

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  • August 14, 2019

We’ve published a quick reference guide for some key LTE for IoT terms such eDRX, PSM, and Rock Bottom.  This living website dictionary highlights some key terms and will be expanded going forward.

Our industry is known for its vast array of confusing acronyms and the dictionary was created to help bust some of the jargon related to LTE for IoT. Sequans’ main LTE for IoT product line, Monarch, supports technologies such as iUICC, but how does this differ from eUICC?  Monarch also includes eco-Paging™ to improve power consumption and Single-SKU™ to enable global deployment and roaming with a single hardware configuration.

To keep it all straight, click here for the full list of important LTE for IoT terms.

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