iSIM for IoT is Going Mainstream
April 4, 2022

iSIM Makes Cellular IoT Easy, and Future-proof

iSIM is proving to be the next big thing in IoT. iSIM, or integrated SIM (subscriber identity module) is built right into a cellular IoT module’s chip so that there is no need for a physical SIM. Physical SIMs take up space, so iSIM not only reduces space requirements, but also reduces power consumption and cost, two of the most important things to address in IoT. The smaller footprint enabled by iSIM allows for previously unheard-of levels of miniaturization, therefore enabling the millions of tiny IoT devices envisioned for markets such as wearables and robotics. This miniaturization also reduces carbon footprint, thereby contributing to a more sustainable IoT future.

iSIM greatly simplifies deployment because the subscriber profile along with the carrier profile is uploaded over the air, and can be changed at any time, without having to add or modify hardware. This gives IoT companies the ability to change carriers or connect to a private network anytime they wish to—and for any reason—the ultimate in flexibility and simplicity.

Can you imagine the benefits of having the iSIM functionality built right in when you wish to deploy a few million asset trackers or ehealth wearables on multiple carriers at once? This prospect is very exciting to IoT developers everywhere, and it demonstrates the future-proof promise of iSIM. Build once and deploy anywhere.

Because of the immediate, massive deployment capability enabled by iSIM, it is really taking off and the predictions of industry analysts confirm this. Counterpoint Research predicts that nearly a half a billion consumer devices with iSIM will be online by 2025.


Security is of Paramount Importance in IoT

The cellular IoT modules that support iSIM include a secure enclave that is virtually exempt from tampering, providing a powerful security advantage that is extremely important in enabling massive IoT. iSIM has now become standardized and recognized by many industry organizations and standards bodies, including GSMA, 3GPP, Trusted Connectivity Alliance, ETSI, Eurosmart, and more.

Sequans has been called a first mover in iSIM because Sequans is the first chipmaker to deliver a certified, GSMA-compliant, cellular IoT platform called Monarch 2. Sequans’ Monarch 2 LTE-M/NB-IoT chip platform has passed Common Criteria testing for highest level EAL5+ security certification, and no other chip company on earth can claim this today. Sequans collaborated with Tiempo Secure and Kigen to bring the full iSIM solution to market and it represents the leading edge in IoT connectivity technology today.

iSIM has also been integrated on Sequans’ new generation Cat 1 IoT platform, Calliope 2, an IoT platform designed for higher data rate IoT applications. For IoT device makers, this means you have the latest advancements in cellular IoT connectivity, including iSIM, for a very wide range of applications, from the smallest sensor device to the most sophisticated, voice-activated hearable.

See Sequans’ announcement about iSIM certification.

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For more information on Monarch 2, click here.

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