Georges Karam talks about 5G with James Brehm & Associates

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  • August 31, 2020

In this new podcast, Sequans CEO Georges Karam speaks with Carl Ford of James Brehm & Associates about 5G for IoT and how Sequans is accelerating this market. Sequans is a company focused today entirely on 5G/4G IoT.  Sequans has moved naturally into the 5G world after years of bringing several generations of 4G technology to market since the company’s founding as a single mode 4G company back in 2003.

Sequans develops and delivers chips and modules for broadband, critical, and massive IoT.  For broadband and critical IoT, Sequans focuses on high speed and performance as needed for mobile computing, high speed automation, and industrial IoT applications. For massive IoT, Sequans focuses on low power and low cost as needed for the connecting of sensors in a multitude of industries.

Sequans works to solve the problems many customers face in bringing IoT products to market.  For example, Sequans has delivered a new innovation called Monarch Go that was co-developed with Verizon.  Monarch Go is a total IoT solution that enables users to connect their IoT devices to Verizon’s network in minutes, because it comes out-of-the box already certified by Verizon and includes the antenna, SIM, as well as the Verizon data plan.

Listen to the entire podcast here to hear Karam describe more about Monarch Go and the many other solutions of Sequans.

Said Georges Karam: “IoT solutions are needed in almost every industry and our aim is to make connectivity as simple and easy as possible — for as many as possible.”

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