Gemalto Takes Another Leap Forward in the LTE for IoT Market

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  • October 31, 2017

Gemalto, an important and long-time partner of Sequans, just received Verizon’s stamp of approval for its LTE Cat M1 IoT module, the Cinterion EMS31, powered by Sequans Monarch LTE-M Platform. The new EMS31 IoT module, now certified by the world’s leading LTE network operator, simplifies the process off connecting devices to the IoT and ensures that devices based on it are of highest quality and get to market very quickly.

“Our LTE Cat M1 EMS31 module, based on Sequans’ Monarch technology and now certified by Verizon, streamlines the development of LTE Cat M1 devices and improves their total cost of ownership,” said Andreas Haegele, SVP of IoT Products, Gemalto. “Sequans’ Monarch LTE Platform is the most highly-optimized LTE Cat M1 chip that we could find and it provides us with a strong technology foundation for our market leading EMS31.”

The Gemalto EMS31 module is ideal for those low-power, low-bandwidth use cases that require ultra low power consumption, network longevity, and indoor coverage, including applications such as smart grid and smart city solutions, agriculture, fleet and asset tracking, healthcare and industrial sensors. The EMS31 features exceptionally fast wake-up time, allowing devices to reattach to the network almost instantaneously after waking up from deep sleep mode.

Gemalto’s EMS31 is based on Sequans’ Monarch LTE platform, the world’s first and most highly-optimized LTE-M (Cat M1) chip for IoT devices. Monarch integrates baseband, RF, power management and RAM in a single, tiny 6.5 x 8.5 mm chip and is purpose-built for narrowband IoT applications. Its advanced features include ultra low power consumption in active and sleep/idle modes, and unique RF filtering technology that enables, within a single hardware design and at no added cost, a true single, worldwide SKU with multi-band support for universal and flexible IoT implementation.

See the Cinterion EMS31 on Verizon’s Approved Modules website.
See Gemalto’s press release.

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