Engagement Model

How to Engage with Sequans to Bring Your Product to Life

Sequans provides its customized technology solutions according to customer requirements and a project plan jointly defined by Sequans and customers. Working with customers on this basis has resulted in important and exciting communications solutions for a wide range of vertical markets, including public safety, aviation, transportation and government and applications including military communications, mission critical and first responder services, ultra high-speed trains and airplanes, and LTE for satellite. Sequans’ long record of success in developing these specialized solutions is unmatched.

Designed According to Your Requirements

Sequans can customize solutions and services including software and hardware based on chipset or module, which can include either or both baseband and RFIC customizations.

Project plans are designed according to customer specifications and requirements that are defined at the launch of any new engagement. The planning process benefits greatly from Sequans’ long experience in systems analysis and product definition and work with many customers on custom solutions that are operating in the field today. Licensing structure and terms and conditions are defined on a case-by-case basis.

Sequans Provides Support from Beginning To End

Phase 1: Requirements Definition

  • Customer specifications analyzed
  • Preliminary study
  • Requirements agreed and set

Phase 2: Scope of Work Defined

  • Sequans and customer commitments set
  • Licensing structure developed
  • Schedule and milestones set

Phase 3: Contract Execution

Phase 4: Product Development

  • Management team assigned
  • R&D team hired and trained
  • Customer R&D team and Sequans R&D team integrated
  • Milestones reviewed and accepted
  • Support for qualification and certification provided
  • Regulatory testing: FCC, GCF, mobile operators provided as required

Phase 5: Maintenance

  • Maintenance in the field during the entire lifetime of the product provided