Custom Technology Solutions by Sequans

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  • October 11, 2018

Custom Technology Solutions by Sequans

What can you do if you want to launch a new LTE product, but you want it to operate at a frequency other than what has been designated by the 3GPP as standard?

Or, what if you want your LTE device to operate at ultra high speed or in a cell size larger than what is considered normal?

The answer is to call Sequans.

Sequans has developed LTE solutions for just these types of special projects that are now operating in some of the most exciting communications projects of our time. Overcoming challenging environments to bring these solutions to life is an area where Sequans excels.

Customers who need customized solutions have engaged Sequans to develop them and have gotten just what they needed to satisfy their particular requirements. No company has more expertise in developing advanced LTE solutions for non-standard applications than Sequans and this has been proven many times over as evidenced by Sequans specialized LTE technology now operating in unusual venues, such as in airplanes, high speed trains, and public safety systems.

Responding to demands from companies in key market segments such as aviation, satellite, transportation, public safety, and government, Sequans has developed new technologies to link LTE with satellite networks, for ultra high-speed LTE, for ultra large cell range, and for non-3GPP frequencies. Sequans addresses customization of the LTE ASIC, LTE layers 1 to 3, and dedicated radio front-end design for high power or specific LTE bands.

Sequans has launched a new section on its website dedicated to Custom Technology Solutions.

In it, you’ll find information about what can be done for customers who require non-standard solutions and how to engage with Sequans to make your dream become reality.

This could be the start of something big.

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