Senior SI Engineer – Paris, France


Broadband Software Integration (BB-SWI) team is in charge of integrating modem, drivers and application features in order to build Sequans final 4G and 5G products. The team is also responsible for deploying integration test platform in order to track, debug issues seen on the product, during lab and field testing.



  • Deploying test cases defined by 3GPP standards and solving identified issue during such deployment. Main focus is Radio Access Network integration features
  • Integration of simulation software changes (bug fixes and new features), with a strong focus on 4G and 5G protocol stacks from Core network, Radio access Network, User equipment. Layer 1 and Layer 2 knowledge for 4G and ideally 5G are must have
  • Ability to fix an issue without support of development team. (white box testing)
  • Writing and performing system integration tests plans in order to test specific features in modem not covered by test cases from the standard
  • Maintaining continuous integration platform from Sequans (all deployed tests need to be introduced in CI)
  • Improving of simulation test platform tools (logger, fatal tracking, etc.)


  • Ability to understand and investigate interaction of various SW blocks and their application in a wireless environment including protocol procedures
  • QA methodology (test plans, tests reports…)
  • Good knowledge in embedded SW development, in mobile communication protocols (LTE, NR), and especially on Layer 1 and Layer 2 from the standard
  • Good knowledge in C and C++, Python, Linux, git & gitlab, administration tools
  • Ideally knowledge on Open Air interface RAN software(L1/L2) (Academic level: work during the studies)
  • Ideally knowledge in TTCN language, FAPI interface, Open Air Interface environments


  • Engineering degree with 10 years professional experience in telecom domains
  • Good knowledge in embedded software development
  • Fast learning capabilities, highly motivated, self-starter, autonomous, flexible.
  • Interested in challenges of new technologies
  • Ability to work in a fast moving and multicultural environment
  • Team player, commitment & customer focus
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills, good English

Certified by Operators Worldwide