Principal Lab Technician, Reading, UK


As part of the hardware-platform team you will be in charge of PCB CAD designs & peripheral activities.


  • To be the main contact for HWPLT PCB CAD designs
  • Secure taking over from Sequans HWPLT soon retiring PCB CAD designer: either taking over our PADS library maintenance or setting up an Altium environment (PADS prefered)
  • Working with engineers reviewing technical requirement documentation
  • RFIC team liaisons for characterisation HW design related activities
  • Baseband, SW, integration & marketing teams liaisons for system HW design
  • Characterisation and system evaluation board schematics capture of design specifications & layout design according to standard guidelines and input from HW engineers
  • Concept schematics & placement
  • Expert for PCB technologies & recommendations
  • Maintain BOM of the PCB designs
  • Manage design documentation 
  • Support 3rd party manufacturing
  • To get quotation for PCB manufacturing and assembly, raise shopping cart and track schedule
  • To manage component stock, sourcing, risk buy awareness and kitting with help of technician
  • To be aware of engineering schedule, HW need schedule 
  • To estimate task duration and share awareness on technical difficulties & preferences
  • To work with third party if overload require additional PCB CAD temporary resources 
  • To work with OPS team and third party agreeing on socket clearance


  • HND or engineering degree in electronics
  • 10 years work experience with  PCB CAD design tools PADS prefered but Altium also a possibility
  • Keen to take PCB CAD designer senior engineer role, assess workload, being responsible to meet schedule or raise early warning
  • Experience with both schematics and layout, creating new components, maintaining a library, HW design guidelines
  • Good basic understanding of analogue/digital electronics circuits
  • Good understanding of State of the art PCB manufacturing processes and technology
  • Understanding of RF, power supplies, clock routing requirements
  • Awareness of track crosstalk risks, RF leakage/shielding
  • PCB technology expertise: type of vias, dielectrics, copper thickness, stack up, multi layers.
  • Thermal dissipation, PCB mechanical constraints, delamination, warping, component assembly rotation hazard, mechanical clearance, shield designs and mounting
  • Experience with RF up to 8GHz, telecom RF PCB design
  • Experience with both schematics and layout, creating new components, maintaining a library, HW design guidelines
  • Self-motivated, team player, able to pro-actively communicate with all employees and work well in a fast paced environment within a multicultural team and at all levels. Able to work autonomously too, and able to assess workload.
  • Must have excellent communication and presentation skills


Certified by Operators Worldwide