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Cassiopeia CB410L Module – Starter Kit

This Starter Kit enables out-of-the-box testing of Sequans’ Cassiopeia CB410L module connectivity on a CBRS network or testing equipment. It supports integration of the module with a host platform through a USB interface. Connect the Starter Kit to your laptop’s USB port and begin your tests by using its rich set of AT commands.


  • The Starter Kit hosting the CBRS module
  • USB cable to connect to the host PC
  • Two antennas


  • All-in-one standalone module
  • Small 32 x 29 mm leadless chip carrier (LCC) package
  • CBRS networks in USA on LTE band 48
  • FCC
  • Easy integration into IoT, M2M and broadband applications
  • Drivers compatible with all major host operating systems

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