Green-GO CBRS/LTE Wireless Beltpack Sports

The Green-GO CBRS/LTE Wireless Beltpack Sports facilitates coach to coach communications for pro sports teams. It is designed with features for use outdoors, including a backlit display for easier viewing in sunlight, and weather-tight buttons for protection from rain and use with gloves. Its four big buttons can be used all as talk buttons or as a combination of talk and call. The Beltpack can easily be combined with a wired system by using a Green-GO Bridge. By simply plugging in the bridge and cloning the configuration to the Wireless Beltpacks, the wireless device is fully integrated. Each Green-Go Wireless Beltpack connects to a port on a bridge as a remote user, providing the same user interface and audio quality of a wired beltpack, but with the security and reliability of LTE. Connected by Cassiopeia CB410L.