4Sight streamlines the WiMAX to LTE network transition

Sequans’ 4Sight program provides advanced coexistence solutions for many of the technical and financial challenges faced by operators and their ecosystem partners in deploying 4G networks.

Download new white paper by Monica Paolini, President, Senza Fili Consulting: A Smooth Transition from WiMAX to LTE With Dual Mode Devices


4Sight Program Components

  • Integrated Sequans dual-4G broadband processor. Highly optimized for 4G mobile networks and devices, including smartphones, tablets, data cards, PCs, CE devices, machine-to-machine devices and more
  • Comprehensive dual-4G reference designs for a variety of device types
  • Complete dual-4G protocol stack and host software
  • Technology solutions that enable peaceful multi-radio coexistence and seamless handover in heterogeneous 4G networks
  • An ecosystem of partners and broad IOT maturity for both WiMAX and LTE, ensuring operator-ready devices
  • Roadmaps for both WiMAX and LTE that promise cost-effective, power efficient, fast time-to-market 4G products

4Sight Benefits All 4G Operators

4Sight eliminates the uncertainty of operators surrounding which technology to deploy – WiMAX or LTE.  For WiMAX operators, specifically, it offers a smooth transition plan for moving to LTE – a plan that allows them to continue to monetize their existing network infrastructure while planning to move seamlessly and cost-effectively to LTE at the point in time where the return on investment makes sense.  WiMAX operators can seed their market with LTE-ready devices, which can be certified once and deployed anywhere in the network. These devices can handover between WiMAX and LTE and between 3G and 4G by leveraging Sequans unique dual-standby platform solution, providing a seamless user experience in any location.

Operators who began with WiMAX and wish to continue with WiMAX as well as those deploying LTE alone will benefit from Sequans’ continuing roadmap innovation, cost improvements, 3G-4G and multi-4G interworking technology, and multi-radio coexistence solutions.

Benefits to Device Makers

4Sight simplifies the design of devices that will work in the complex multi-mode, multi-band network environment now emerging. Device makers will find a much shorter and easier path to creating compelling 4G products.

4Sight Highly Cost-Effective

Sequans is ideally equipped to offer 4Sight solutions to 4G operators and device makers in a way that is highly cost-effective. Sequans brings its combination of operator-proven WiMAX and LTE chipsets, the integration track record to deliver a dual-4G processor, the system design experience to solve real-world coexistence and multi-mode handover challenges, and the years of experience in deploying operator-certified 4G technology in high volume around the world. Sequans bundle these solutions very economically, preserving a positive business case for both operators and device makers.