Sequans’ 4G-EZ Technology

4G-EZ™ is a collection of Sequans’ innovative 4G platform technologies that provide device manufacturers and operators with solutions for outstanding performance, ease-of-use, and ease-of-design, aimed at enabling truly mass-market 4G.

4G-EZ provides a full host solution for all leading operating systems that includes SDIO and USB drivers, authentication and provisioning middleware, and a customer-friendly user interface.  4G-EZ also provides an easy web-based management tool for simple configuration and management of modem and USB devices.

4G-EZ Comprehensive Software Suite

Sequans’ comprehensive 4G-EZ software suite is based on seven years of Sequans’ proven field experience. It is running in all major deployments around the world, making it the most mature software solution in the global WiMAX ecosystem. 4G-EZ WiMAX software includes the entire 802.16e software stack and all drivers and host applications required for a complete WiMAX system.  4G-EZ LTE software includes the entire 3GPP Release 8 software stack and all drivers and host applications required for a complete LTE system.

Host software includes a turnkey package for all major operating systems (including Android, Windows, Linux, and MAC OS), Sequans’ own connection manager, a seamless 3G/4G handover implementation, a supplicant engine for EAP authentication, a standards-compliant OMA-DM client, and a field diagnostic tool. The 4G-EZ software suite also provides a full simulation and verification environment that can be easily customized to address specific needs.

4G-EZ Low Power Consumption

Sequans employs state-of-the-art power reduction to significantly reduce power consumption. Special care has been taken to minimize power consumption in idle mode to lengthen the battery life of mobile devices. Smart software algorithms optimize resource management for additional power reduction improvements.

4G-EZ Seamless Radio

Sequans delivers field-proven technology for inter-RAT handover, providing users full session continuity when moving from one access technology to another. In addition, Sequans’ patented fast channel scanning technique allows faster network entry, resulting in a seamless user experience with no disconnection time.  Sequans’ fast channel scanning technology also further minimizes power consumption.

4G-EZ Config

Sequans provides a web-based management tool to manage modems, USB dongles, or mobile routers. The simple user interface enables to monitor key statistics related to signal quality, or traffic usage, and helps change configuration parameters if required.