Sequans’ technology is built on the bedrock of a well-proven and integrated simulation and development methodology and it has been developed by an engineering team possessing expertise in virtually every technical discipline relevant to the development of WiMAX and LTE technology: system design, simulation, silicon, software, complex ASIC design, advanced signal processing, MAC protocol, scheduling algorithms, and RFIC (radio frequency integrated circuit) design. Sequans’ innovators have filed numerous patents in the areas of synchronization, channel estimation, receiver diversity, MIMO, and peak-to-average power reduction (PAPR).

Sequans’ knowledge, expertise, and innovation has resulted in many achievements in the semiconductor industry, including industry leading high throughput and low power consumption.  In WiMAX, Sequans developed the industry’s most highly integrated solution, combining baseband and triple band RF in a single die.  In LTE, Sequans has delivered advanced interference rejection technology and full category 4 throughput of 150 Mbps with H-ARQ and encryption enabled.