Designed for dual-mode LTE/WiMAX mobile and portable devices

SQN5120 Mont Blanc is the first semiconductor solution in the industry to provide both LTE™ and WiMAX™ in a single die, 40 nm package, including optimized SDRAM, for the manufacture of dual-4G mobile hotspots, CPE USB dongles, data cards, PCs and more. SQN5120 is part of Sequans’ Mont Blanc platform, a member of Sequans’ StreamrichLTE product family for feature-rich, high performance LTE devices. It answers the demand of operators and device makers for dual-mode mode solutions to facilitate the transition from WiMAX to LTE and to ensure peaceful WiMAX/LTE coexistence.


SQN5120 Mont Blanc is the dual-mode WiMAX/LTE baseband chip at the heart of Sequans’ second generation LTE platform, Mont Blanc, part of Sequans’ StreamrichLTE™ product family. It is highly optimized for CPE, mobile routers, and hostless USB dongles. Mont Blanc includes baseband and RF chipsets, an applications processor and reference designs and is based on numerous years of IOT, field trial, and commercial deployment experience in both WiMAX and LTE. SQN5120 Mont Blanc is fully compliant with both LTE (3GPPR9) and WiMAX (802.16e) standards.


  • 3GPP Release 9
  • IEEE 802.16E-2009
  • FDD and TDD
  • 40 nm CMOS technology
  • 10 x 10 x 1.04 BGA package with embedded LP-DDR SDRAM
  • Integrated applications processor
  • 4G-EZ ultra-low power technology
  • Category 4 LTE throughput of 150 Mbps DL / 50 Mbps UL
  • Complete LTE and WiMAX protocol stacks and host software
  • WiMAX Forum Certified™
  • GCF compliant

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