Mobile WiMAX System-in-Package for Mobile Devices

Complete 802.16e System Solution based on Sequans’ SQN1210 SOC

Comprehensive WiMAX System-in-package For Fast Time To Market

The SQN1280 combines Sequans’ industry-leading single die semiconductor solution, the SQN1210, with all other elements necessary to deliver a complete WiMAX solution in a single SIP (system-in-package). Components include radio front end, power management, memory, and clocks. SQN1280 comes with Sequans’ comprehensive software package, 4G-EZ software suite, including a full host software package (with no third party licensing required) for controlling SQN1280 from a host processor through USB or SDIO interfaces.

The SQN1280 is a total solution for manufacturers of WiMAX mobile devices such as handsets, tablets, USB dongles, portable hotspots, MIDs, ExpressCards, M2M devices, and other WiMAX-embedded consumer electronics.


  • Maximizes ROI with fast time to market and low R&D investment
    • WiMAX Forum Certified™
    • Fully tested, calibrated and shielded
    • Simple hardware design, ready to integrate
    • Simple software integration with host CPUs
  • Total WiMAX system solution in one package
    • SQN1210 SOC (baseband, RF, and SDRAM)
    • 2.5-2.7 GHz, 2Rx/1TxD radio front end
    • Power management
    • 1 Mbit serial Flash memory
    • Crystal and TCXO
  • Optimized for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 2G, and 3G co-existence
  • Very small footprint
    • 17.7 x 17.7 mm LGA package
    • USB and SDIO interfaces to host
    • JTAG and UART interfaces for debug

Key Benefits of SQN1280

Ease of Design, Low Risk, and Small Footprint 
The SQN1280 requires significantly less hardware design work than competing solutions and offers easy software integration with host CPUs. SQN1280 is based on Sequans’ SQN1210 SOC, a proven, operator-approved architecture with software that is operating in major WiMAX networks worldwide. SQN1280 RF is already calibrated and WiMAX Forum Certified, saving time and development cost. The SQN1280 features a small footprint and is delivered in a very small 17.7 x 17.7 mm LGA package, already shielded.

Everything Needed is Embedded 
At the heart of the SQN1280 system-in-package is Sequans’ SQN1210 SOC, the industry’s most highly integrated Mobile WiMAX chip solution. SQN1210 combines baseband and triple-band RF in a single 65 nm die and includes SDRAM.

SQN1280 integrates a radio front end that is engineered for co-existence with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 2G/3G cellular technologies. It supports the 2.5-2.7 GHz band, two antennas, and embeds a PA, LNAs, filters, and RF switches. Special filters for the 2.4 GHz band are also built in to improve co-existence with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The radio front end is designed to support two receive paths and one transmit path with antenna diversity.
To further reduce footprint, the SQN1280 also embeds LDOs, a DC-to-DC converter, 32 kHz crystal, TCXO, SDRAM and Flash.

4G-EZ Comprehensive Software Suite 
Sequans’ comprehensive 4G-EZ software suite is based on seven years of Sequans’ proven field experience. It is running in all major deployments around the world, making it the most mature software solution in the global WiMAX ecosystem. 4G-EZ software includes the entire 802.16e software stack and all drivers and host applications required for a complete WiMAX system. Host software includes a turnkey package for all major operating systems (including Android, Windows, Linux and MAC OS), Sequans’ own connection manager, a seamless 3G/4G handover implementation, a supplicant engine for EAP authentication, a standards-compliant OMA-DM client, and a field diagnostic tool. The 4G-EZ software suite also provides a full simulation and verification environment, which can be easily customized to address specific needs.