The Highest Level of Integration Achieved in the WiMAX Industry

802.16e Enhanced Semiconductor Solution

Based on state of the art 65 nm technology and many years of Sequans’ proven field experience, the SQN1210 delivers baseband and triple-band RF in a single die — the highest level of integration yet achieved in the WiMAX industry — leading to unprecedented achievements in performance, power consumption, and size.


The SQN1210 delivers wireless broadband connectivity for fully mobile WiMAX® applications and for portable, nomadic, and fixed applications. It is designed for the smallest of mobile devices, such as mobile handsets, smartphones, MIDs, portable hotspots, and netbooks, and is also perfectly suited for use in PCs through add-on datacards, such as USB dongles or ExpressCards, or directly embedded in PCI Express MiniCards or Half MiniCards.


  • 65 nm, single die, baseband and RF
  • 10×10 package, includes SDRAM
  • Triple-band RF: 2.3-2.4, 2.5-2.7, 3.3-3.8 GHz
  • Dual independent channels downlink and uplink
    • Maximum likelihood MIMO decoder on the downlink
    • 2 Tx with closed loop diversity on the uplink
  • TDD and FDD
  • 4G-EZ ultra low power
  • High throughput > 40 Mbps
  • 4G-EZ software suite includes 3G/4G handover technology
  • WiMAX Forum Certified™

Key Benefits of SQN1210

Advanced MIMO – mimoMAX™

SQN1210 features mimoMAX™, Sequans’ patent-pending, low-complexity MIMO algorithm for maximum likelihood performance on the downlink and 2Tx on the uplink for 2Tx diversity and optional full 2×2 uplink MIMO.

Dual Transmit Channels and Closed-Loop Diversity
SQN1210 implements dual independent transmit chains with the world’s most advanced 2Tx closed-loop diversity (2T-CLD) algorithm, for significantly increased link budget, improved cell coverage, and superior mobile performance. 2T-CLD delivers diversity gains well beyond single Tx solutions and ensures the best diversity for any channel environment. These gains are achieved in a manner completely transparent to existing base stations.

Future-proof with True Uplink MIMO
Sequans’ 2Tx capability allows for the added performance gains provided by uplink MIMO via Matrix A for those base stations that support it. Only Sequans, as the only provider of 2Tx across its entire mobile station product line, can make this future-proof promise.

4G-EZ Low Power Consumption
In addition to the low power consumption enabled by its core 65nm architecture and mimoMAX technology, SQN1210 employs state-of-the-art power reduction techniques – 4G-EZ ultra low power technology — to further reduce power consumption. Special care has been put on minimizing power consumption in standby mode to further extend the battery life of embedded devices. Smart software algorithms optimize resource management for additional power reduction improvements.

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