Sequans offers two LTE product lines: StreamrichLTE™, optimized for broadband devices, including CPE, mobile and portable routers, and high-performance IoT devices; and StreamliteLTE™, optimized for lower data rate and narrowband IoT devices, including wearables, trackers, and sensors.

StreamrichLTE Product Family

Cassiopeia LTE-Advanced Platform, SQN3220
For high performing, feature-rich LTE devices, Cassiopeia is a powerful LTE-A solution, providing extraordinary carrier aggregation capability, allowing the combination of any two carriers of any size of to 20 MHz each for a total of 40 MHz. Cassiopeia also supports eICIC, eMBMS, enhanced MIMO, RCS and VoLTE. 3GPP Release 10 compliant.

Colibri LTE Platform , SQN3221
Colibri is optimized for Cat 4 M2M and connected devices for IoT and other devices needing Cat 4 throughput.

Mont Blanc LTE Platform
, SQN3120
For high performing, feature rich desktop CPE and hostless USB dongles. Mont Blanc includes an integrated, customer-programmable applications processor.

StreamliteLTE Product Family

Monarch LTE Platform, SQN3330
Monarch is a dual-mode LTE-M/NB-IoT platform, compliant with the 3GPP Release 13/14 LTE standard.  Monarch comprises baseband, RF, memory and power management in a single chip.

Monarch N Platform, SQN3410
Monarch N is a single mode version of Monarch, optimized for NB-IoT only.

Monarch SiP, SQN66430
Monarch SIP is an LTE-M/NB-IoT system-in-package combining Sequans’ Monarch with Skyworks’ universal multi-band front-end.

Monarch SX, SQN3340
Monarch SX is an LTE-M/NB-IoT system-on-chip integrating an ARM Cortex M4 processor, voice and audio engines, a sensor hub, and a GPU and display controller.

Calliope LTE Platform, SQN3223
Calliope is optimized for Cat 1 devices for the Internet of Things (IoT).  3GPP Release 10/11

CLOE (Connecting and Locating Objects Everywhere) is an LTE-M/NB tracker platform combining Sequans’ Monarch baseband chip with STMicro’s Tesseo III GNSS chip, for best-in-class tracker capability.