Georges Karam, CEO, and a team of broadband experts from Alcatel and Pacific Broadband founded Sequans in 2003. The team comprises expertise in wireless, systems, silicon, software, complex ASIC design, advanced signal processing, MAC protocol, scheduling algorithms, RFIC, and MIMO.

Sequans’ fixed WiMAX chips for base stations and subscriber stations based on the 802.16d standard became available in September 2004. Full SOCs became available in September 2005 with reference designs becoming WiMAX Forum Certified™ in January 2006.

Mobile WiMAX Wave 1 chips, based on the 802.16e standard, were introduced in 2006 and became WiMAX Forum Certified™ in April of 2008, and Mobile WiMAX Wave 2 chips were introduced in 2007 and WiMAX Forum Certified in June of 2008. All chips are now deployed in volume with tier 1 and 2 TEMs worldwide. Sequans’ RF chips, one for 2.5 GHz and one for 3.5 GHz, were introduced in December of 2007. The SQN1170, the first single package baseband plus RF solution was introduced in June of 2008.

Sequans’ new generation of Mobile WiMAX chips, the SQN1200 series, the industry’s first 65nm solution integrating baseband and triple band RF in a single die, was introduced in 2009. The SQN1210 chip for mobile devices was introduced in February, and the SQN1220 featuring extra processing power for VOIP and CPE applications followed in July. Sequans’ SQN1200 series technology is one of the industry’s most advanced and most highly-integrated Mobile WiMAX semiconductor solutions.  In 2010, Sequans introduced the SQN1280, a system-in-package solution that combines the SQN1210, with radio front end and all other components necessary to deliver a complete WiMAX system, and in 2011, Sequans introduced the SQN1310, a chip featuring a higher level of integration, combining baseband and dual-band RF in a 9×9 mm die.

In 2009, after establishing a leadership position in the WiMAX market, Sequans established its LTE program and announced key strategic investors, Alcatel-Lucent and Motorola. Sequans was subsequently propelled to the forefront of LTE development when China Mobile selected Sequans to provide technology for its TD-LTE demonstration network being built for the opening of the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.  In March of 2010, Sequans unveiled its first LTE chip, the SQN3010, a 2.3 GHz TDD baseband solution.  Over the next year, Sequans established interoperability collaborations with nearly all of the world’s leading LTE infrastructure providers, including Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei, Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks, and ZTE.

In October of 2011, Sequans introduced its second generation LTE technology, supporting both TDD and FDD networks. Sequans’ comprehensive LTE platforms include a baseband chip with integrated network and applications CPU, an LTE optimized transceiver, complete LTE protocol stack and host software, and reference designs.

Sequans’ LTE solutions are certified by leading operators, including Verizon Wireless and China Mobile.

In 2013, Sequans introduced its first LTE-Advanced platform, Cassiopeia, based on 3GPP release 10 and featuring highly flexible dual-carrier aggregation and category 6 LTE throughput.

Key Differentiators

Sequans’ innovations have resulted in many achievements in the 4G semiconductor industry, including low power consumption and high throughput as well as industry-leading  high levels of integration, enabling excellent performance at a low cost.  Sequans was one of the first LTE chip makers to demonstrate full category 4 throughput and one of the first to demonstrate dual-carrier aggregation in LTE-Advanced.  Sequans’ has also demonstrated the power of its advanced interference rejection technology, Sequans AIR, in technical trials with Softbank in Japan.  Sequans has also demonstrated ultra low power consumption and cost efficiency, leading to the introduction of two distinct product lines: 1) StreamrichLTE, for feature-rich, high performance mobile computing and router devices, and 2) StreamliteLTE, for cost-sensitive M2M devices for the vast Internet of Things.

In another key strategic and technical achievement, Sequans has developed and delivered several all-in-one single-mode LTE modules designed to provide device makers with a comprehensive solution for adding LTE connectivity quickly to any type of device.  EZLinkLTE modules are now available in three configurations targeting tablet, router, and M2M device makers.