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Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Friday, 26 June 2020

2020 Annual Meeting Documents:

Documents prepared by the Company, required to be available 15 days prior to the meeting :

Reports of Statutory Auditors (all in French only) required to be available 15 days prior to the meeting :

  • Rapport sur les comptes annuels 2019 / Report on 2019 statutory accounts
  • Rapport sur les conventions reglementées 2019 / Report on related party transactions 2019
  • Attestation des rémunérations 2019 / Certification of executive compensation 2019
  • Rapport sur le 10è résolution / Report on the 10th resolution
  • Rapport sur le 11è résolution / Report on the 11th resolution
  • Rapport sur le 12è résolution / Report on the 12th resolution
  • Rapport sur le 13è résolution / Report on the 13th resolution
  • Rapport sur le 15è résolution / Report on the 15th resolution
  • Rapport sur le 16è résolution / Report on the 16th resolution
  • Rapport sur le 17è résolution / Report on the 17th resolution

Our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including the annual report on Form 20-F which includes the audited consolidated financial statements for 2019, are available from the SEC website.